Vauron: A True Detective

The story begins with Albert who is a student and resides alone. One day, her friend Andrea comes to his house because Albert called her to come to his house. But something happens eerie in the house of Albert as Andrea says that she met her sister in the vestibule during he was busy in the kitchen then the story catches fire with some irksome moment and the entry of the detective Vauron alters the story being created by Albert and probe in this matter and then find the truth behind the spurious sister.


“Albert, you didn’t tell me that you have the sister” asks Andrea

“Are you kidding me?” replies Albert

“No, I had a conversation with your sister and she is a pretty girl” said Andrea

“But, I already told you that I don’t have sister. My family resides in other city and I am here because of my studies. I am the only child” said Albert

“What do you think you would be successful to make me dupe? Asks Andrea

“No, but I am bemused what are you talking about and why are you behaving like this?” replies Albert

“Then who is she?” asks Andrea

“A girl is standing in front of Albert and said how you are brother? I am here for a long time and you didn’t notice me and your friend Andrea really welcomed me” said Margot

“What? How is she? I don’t know her. Is she your sister, indeed? But not mine” said Albert

“Then who she is? Asks Andrea

“I don’t know even I am not familiar with this. Andrea, please don’t play with me. I don’t know who she is and why she is here, I don’t know. She is making us dupe perhaps she is our foe?” said Albert. Who are you, I don’t know you, get out of my house” ordered Albert to the young girl.

“Hey! I am your sister. Why are you behaving like this? Asks the young girl

“Whatever you are, I don’t care. Andrea, please tell her to go from my house otherwise I will call the cops. Please, you whatever your name is go from my house immediately, right now” asks Albert

“How do you forget my name? I am ‘Maria’ your sister” she stares Albert in a belligerent way. Looking in his eyes fiercely, perhaps, she is her sister.

“Yes, yes…I think you are my sister. Sorry, I forget. I didn’t know that. Sit Maria on the couch” said Albert

“Thank you, Albert” said Maria

“Well, Albert. Are you fine? Asks Andrea

“Yes, I am fine, thank you” replies Albert

“Andrea please pass the water glass” said Albert

“Sure. She passes the water glass to him”

“When you came here Maria?” asks Albert

“Tomorrow” replies Maria

Albert ponders and at the same time Andrea stares to Albert, and said, “What happens Albert?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking about the future of mine. Where my destiny will take me and where I would? Whom I will meet and which personality and what will be my future? Said Albert

“Don’t worry you will be a successful person. You are brilliant and also ardent in your studies as well as in your work. I believe in you. Sorry, we believe in you, your sister and your parents also” said Andrea

“Hey! You guys what are you doing? How are you Albert?” asks Simon

“Hey! Simon, I am fine and what about you? Have you not gone to the college today?” asks Albert

“No, I come to you as you are not in the college, I guess, perhaps, everything is fine to you so why I am here?” replies Simon

“Meet my sister Maria” said Albert

“Hello Maria! Hope, you are fine” said Luis. Andrea dazes and gazes to Luis.

“Sit Luis on the couch. So, what you prefer to take-coffee, tea or something else?”

asks Albert

“Nothing thank you Albert so wh0 is she? Luis points to Andrea

“She is my college friend and is my classmate” replies Albert

“I never saw her in college. If she is your classmate then who I am? I am also your classmate and I never see Andrea in college. By the way, if this is your sister then who is she? Luis dubs a girl waiting at the door. Jenny comes inside”

Albert without saying any word and feeling timid, what is happening here? Maria is my sister and who is she? I don’t know. Luis who is she? Asks Albert

“Just like your sister Maria, she is also your sister. You forget you have two sisters” replies Luis

“I don’t know. Who is she?” said Albert

“Don’t be trapped in the dilemma, perhaps, this is your sister also?” said Andrea

“I will call the cop and yes, I have a friend whose father is a detective. Let’s call him.

He comes, father of Albert’s friend.

“Albert, did you call me?” Said Vauron (Albert’s friend father)

Yes, I called you. I am in trouble. He introduces his friends to Vauron and said, “These guys are my friends and these two are my sisters and I don’t know the one is my sister or not? Said Albert

Vauron asks to Albert, “Where’re your parents?”

“I am living alone here. I lost my parents when I was young, Nixon knows that. This is the room given to me by my father’s friend who was a police officer and now retired. And he left his house and shifted to ‘Siron’ with his wife. His was only a son who doesn’t live with his parents and is separated from his parents. His son was vindictive and nasty, only wants to steal his father’s assets because their inheritance was imperial indeed” replies Albert

“Sorry, I don’t know about your parents and he never told me about your parents. So, they are claiming these two are your sisters. Are you crazy? You don’t know how many sisters you have? Well, I do not know much about your personal life but this is strange as you don’t know how many sisters you have?” said Vauron

“Perhaps, I have no one” said Albert

“You drunk or I guess you didn’t sleep well. Go and take a nap” said Vauron

“I am serious and I know what I am saying. I am conscious right now” said Albert

“Then why you don’t know about your sister? Albert, tell me what happened when you first heard that this, Vauron asks the girl sitting next to Andrea, what’s your name? Maria, she replies. Yes, Maria. When did you hear that Maria is your sister? Tell me honestly otherwise, I will contact your parents” said Vauron

“Well, Sir Vauron. Andrea, my friend told me about my sister sync I never saw Andrea in our college and she was not a friend of Albert” said Simon

“Is this your friend Albert? Asks Vauron

“Yes” replies Albert

“But he is saying he never see Andrea in college. Hey! Are you a classmate of Albert? Asks Vauron

“Yes and this girl ‘Andrea’ is not our classmate. She is lying even this girl name Maria is not a sister of Albert. This girl ‘Jenny’ is her sister even I can show you the documents where her name has been mentioned. Maria is bogus and she doesn’t have any proof to show her identity” replies Simon

“Do you have any proof? Asks Vauron to Maria

“Yes” she replies

“You both give your id proof to me and Albert and Simon, you both will give the answers to my questions. I hope, there could be nothing happen here in your house Albert” said Vauron

Both Maria and Jenny show their documents. After reading their documents, Vauron finds everything real as he asks Albert for verifying these documents and he agrees that these documents are real. He stuns and without saying anything he remains hushed. Albert, tell me the truth are you kidding with me? You don’t know about your sister. It seems you are in bewilderment sometimes you are saying Maria is your sister and sometimes both are your sisters and sometimes you don’t know anything. Will you clarify me about this? Both have the documents and these manifests these two are your sisters and if yes, then the case is over. Then why you called me?” asks Vauron

“I am honestly telling you that I am in trouble still I am uncertain and don’t know what’s going on and what is happening with me. It was 12’o clock and I was in my house with Andrea and suddenly Andrea told me about my sister as she (Andrea) had a conversation with her and after that, I don’t know what happened” replies Albert

“So, Andrea whom you saw at that time as which Albert is claiming you had a conversation with a girl and what you are saying is her sister?” asks Vauron

“After coming from the college as I saw Albert was absent from the college. So, I decided to go to the Albert house and when I came, Albert welcomed me and asks me for soft drinks and some food and he went to the kitchen and I was waiting in the vestibule and a girl from behind came to me and asks me, “How are you?” as I thought she is Albert’s sister and yes when I asked her who she is? Then she replies to Albert’s sister Maria. I was shocked at that time because Albert never discussed me about her sister. So, I thought she may be her sister as I don’t know anything about her sister” replies Andrea

“But you are claiming that Maria is her sister if you didn’t know about Maria then why you are claiming that Maria is her sister?” asks Vauron

“Andrea’s hand on her face and doesn’t feel comfy to say anything” Her hands tremble and face turn into reddish as she knows she said something wrong”

“Why your hands are trembling, everything fine Andrea? Vauron finds something under the table – ’A small piece of paper that seems to be burnt completely but its remnant of burnt paper. He remains quiet and pick up this burnt piece for future reference, perhaps, it would be useful” He shatters the confidence of Albert and said furiously, “Before Andrea’s visit someone came in your home and listen this is confirmed but I am saying this based on some evidence which I will tell you later. But for now, Albert you are saying it was 12’o clock and you were with Andrea and at the same time, Simon is saying he doesn’t know Andrea even you also as you are pretending- sync Simon looks to the Varuon and furiously, “I was not pretending as this is the fact as Albert doesn’t know who Andrea is?” Hey! Albert what’s wrong with you? Are you in trouble or drunk you never saw this girl and believe on her?”

“What if Albert says he also doesn’t know you?” Vauron guardedly gapes to Simon

“He looks to Vauron and his head stoops”

For me, you all are lying with me. I don’t know why? But I am quite sure you all are making me dupe as you think I am a foolish person, suddenly Vauron asks Simon, “When you came to Albert’s home?”

“Before 12’o clock” replies Simon. Simon is in mess and tries to alter his statement. “I mean after 12’o clock”

“And what about you Andrea, where you were at that time?” asks Vauron


“And at the time you saw Albert’s sister and before when Albert was with you that time you didn’t see Albert’s sister” said Vauron

“As I told you she came behind me and started a conversation with me. Afar from this, I don’t know anything” said Andrea

“I get the point and I am very close to revealing the secret of Albert’s sister. But before this, I want to tell one thing. Everyone present here will tell the truth and not after my statement but before what I will say. I know that person who is doing this and he or she may do this because of detaining the property of the owner of this house. And that ‘someone’ is here in between us” said Vauron

Everyone looks at each other….. And there is no reply from anyone.

“I will tell you what is the story and that person who did all this made a mistake where he did that, will tell you everyone” This all story was created by that person who wants to capture the property of this house and perhaps, they want to abduct Andrea also and sync he wants to call the cop to pretend he doesn’t do anything. Someone here knows whom I am talking about?

Albert stares to Andrea and quietly takes his dig.

“Albert; why you did all this? Tell everyone with your side otherwise whole story will tell me to everyone” said Vauron

“What I did?” asks Albert

“Simply nothing, but this burning page gives me the little cue about the culprit who almost successful in undertaking all this property including this house also. But the fact is that that person didn’t want any money or interested in this house but the fact is that person wants those research papers which would be helpful for that person to buy to journal and make money” said Vauron. Am I right, Albert? asks Vauron

Albert remains quiet and doesn’t reply.

Look Albert, you played with every one and this girl Andrea is not your friend and you, Simon you are Albert’s friend and his colleague to help him in all this plan right? Said Vauron

“Well, no. I don’t know” said Simon

“Don’t worry, I will let you know what happened at that time and why you did all this?” said Vauron

“Andrea, your father was the close friend of the owner of this house and the owner of this house is a researcher who resides in the other city and now it’s confirmed they both died. The first lie you told me Albert as you said they are living in the other city still. The second one, Dr. Rene’s research papers which he wants to send I to the museum after his death but you didn’t want to do this and you ‘Simon’ thought this is the best way to kill both and make money from it to send the research papers to the museum where you claim these are yours and he (Dr. Rene) gave it to you as a brilliant student award. Albert called you here and then this all was planned by Albert and his genius friend Simon, well done you guys. In my entire life, I found this case cosy and even candid but your brilliancy is in your concealing things and you did it and almost successful as I thought I lost this case but fortunately, Albert’s time and Simon’s time both were different. I got it and this burned paper helped me a lot. Surprisingly, you made a mistake and I got that point. For you both this is my final question to you confess that you made a mistake and also you planned all this; I know I am right and sure about your guilt but I want to listen from you both. Did you do this mistake; you abduct Dr. Rene and then assassinated him. Cops enter the house and sealed the house from outside.

“The house is sealed by the cops, you will not do anything. Confess your felony” said Vauron

Albert and Simon look to each other and then Albert blames Simon for planned all this and he did nothing except burnt that paper. Simon immediately picks Albert’s neck and throws him down the floor. Both fight for their claim. Hey! You both what are you doing? Some cops enter inside the room and separate both the two. “Don’t worry, now it’s clear you both did the mistake and you killed the owner of this house, Simon” said Vauron

Andrea, your father as I already told is a close of Dr. Rene but unfortunately; killed by these two culprits and how they successfully did this I will tell you. They planned for the abduction of Dr. Rene and his wife but as you know Andrea, your father almost spent his time with Dr. Rene as no qualm both are great researchers and they were working on their next project and succeed in their research but unfortunately, they were too late to submit their research papers in the journal. However, they did that and after this their research papers had been applauded by every physicists and cosmologist even non-scientific peoples also as it was about the research on string theory. Whatever it was, well, I have no idea about their research but they did their big research. And after that journal their research will send to the journal but the research papers were still in the hands of Dr. Rene and your father saved this in your house, so why Albert called you here. I am sure about this because of this burnt paper and my circumstantial evidence became more and more about the felony by these two young men.

Andrea asks, “What is written on that paper?”

“Signature of Dr. Rene, you can say, it is fortunate for me that this paper was still here in this room. And the time difference made me stronger on my belief and I was sure Albert did everything but I don’t have the proof. In the meantime, I called Officer Shane, he gave me the detail of yours father and Dr. Rene and also about these two ‘Albert and Simon’ and what he told me about Albert’s acquaintance stunned by as Albert already dodged so many people. There is no doubt he is a bright student and this time he targets Dr. Rene but remembers, bright stars also lost their shine. But here you are a human, so you do a mistake also; so as Albert did with his friend Simon and create all this drama. His sisters to make you fool and also kill you not physically but mentally – yes ‘mental torturing’ but they failed.

“But who are these girls?” asks Andrea

“These are also friends of Simon and they helped him to share the money after selling that research paper. They also are culprits. “Take all of these to the custody” order Vauron. I am sorry about the news of Dr. Rene as he had been assassinated and his wife also, Albert and Simon didn’t do this with their hands but they hired the persons to kill Dr. Rene and his wife. As your father is not here in this country, they thought; it might fail their plan so they called you here. I know these are your friends, perhaps, colleagues but they are culprits.

“I am still baffled why Albert called you if he knew he is the culprit?” asks Andrea

“He called me because no one had suspicion on him and with Simon he made the plan to solve this problem with the help of cops and with the detective and consider you ‘Mentally torture’ by your father and he took off to the other country and you killed Dr. Rene and his wife because of money. But his mistakes, circumstantial evidence and explicit investigation solve this matter as this is the first case which I found candid, not so hard.

“Well, thank you, detective, for your assistance and to save my life and my father’s life. I miss both Dr. Rene and his wife, they are great. I will pray for their souls” said Andrea

“Any time, let’s go for a cup of tea outside” said Vauron

“Sure, let’s go” said Andrea

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