Andrea: An Inspiration

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Blurb of this story: This story begins with the girl name Andrea and her tussle in her life. Despite being blind she doesn’t mind it and moves ahead in life. She believes hard work and her passion to be a requisite for her career in astronomy as she wants to become an astronaut. Move from a small village to the city ‘Innas’ she lives her dream there and become a professional astronaut. Her voyage to planet Mars alters her life but woefully, she and her colleagues lose their lives in the tragic incident where their spaceship explodes due to intense radiations of the sun when contact with these radiations. Lost their lives but still, they are legends for everyone and an inspiration for everyone and Andrea becomes ideal for everyone. She will inspire the current and the future generation with her incredible determination and hard work.


Living in a small village, dreams confront in her real world, wants to spread her words to the whole world but the opportunity is not in her village ‘Auron’. Struggling and without censure anyone even in her family members where her father is a local guardian of the small private shop in the street name ‘Silon’. Her brother is a student of class 10th. A girl name ‘Andrea’ who is a student of engineering studying in the final year in ‘Government Engineering College of Auron’. Well, the facility in the college is not so good to fulfil her dreams as she wants to be an astronaut but in her college, this programme about astronomy is still under process as she urges college principle to add this programme but they are still thinking about this and there is no response for adding this subject in the college. She knows she is in the final year of the college but she wants the future students who will study this course will get the advantage. This will revolutionize the minds of others and gave me the platform to go in the City ‘Innas’ where I fulfilled my dreams and contribute my work to others.

“Yes, I am Andrea and I am from City ‘Innas’ but my early education was in the village ‘Auron’ that seems uncanny but in the today’s world there is nothing like ‘uncanny’. I am from that village where there was zilch. I was not from the royal family so I struggled a lot. As you know every child in his / her infancy days had dreams and yes also has ideal in life and same goes to me. I wanted to be an astronaut and that story is on me and about my ardour to chase my reverie with lots of hindrances but I never give up. That’s the reason behind my success and why I am here at the International Space Station.

Dreams are like a mirror if you preserve it and make it for your future then it always stay with you unless you rupture it. I chased my dream from a small village. I was from that village where there is nothing except desperation but still, I love my birthplace. Hurdles, desperation, separation, melancholy thoughts, dejected everything I faced but still, my vision never altered in front of this material snags. This short story will be memorable for everyone and even for me also. It’s hard to say this but I am canopy person. I can’t see the world as you can see, so why it’s tough for me to study and come out of a small village. I learnt many things from my mother which I lost in my childhood. She was my inspiration and still is my role model. She supports me a lot but the society never accepted me they thought I am useless like trash who the task is to collect the garbage in the mind not innovative and creative thoughts and there is no place for ‘mind’s eye’ in my mind because of the nuisance of the society. My father still motivates me and is in his old age and my brother is an artist.

People didn’t like me because they thought I am a curse for everyone and where I go, nothing will happen well. This is not just a fable for them but a way to make me feeble to slate me in my work. In my village, some people liked me but they are under the shadow of gloom and they helped me clandestinely in my studies and my father assists me a lot. I will take you in my adult well there was nothing special happen in my infancy days, yes, I was nosy about the sky, universe, stars, planets, galaxies and space time but I lost many things in my childhood. As I told you I lost my mother in my childhood and my financial condition was not good to support me for urging my longing to become an astronaut. For an astronaut, being blind doesn’t make any sense for astronomical society and they didn’t want me to pass the test even I passed in the examination for the astronomy entrance. The fact is not my blindness but the information which I have to tell them as what I will see in the space and my other colleagues support me in future.

One of my best chum who supported me a lot and her name is ‘Maria’. She supported me a lot. She helped me when sometimes I found something difficult to understand whether it is in my studies or my workshops in the university or outside the university. One thing that lost my confidence was my exam result. My marks in one subject didn’t make me happy and this disappointed me though I didn’t give up and move ahead. In the college’s competition, I stood first in the astronomy competition on describing the existence of space and what is space? That was the competition that manifested my image and everyone started to know me. The root cause of my success resides in mu hard struggle. They criticize me but I never respond to them. My dreams had come true when I move to the city Innas and I was very happy to find myself in this city. This city wrought my career and some of my friends here helped me a lot even I am blind. My first journey being an astronaut came true when I was selected in the state astronomy entrance examination and where my skill altered everything from there.

That day, I never forget in my life. That was the day from where I learn and from where I started to struggle in the field of astronomy. I was in the house and my father is working outside to repair the gate of the house and my brother was in school now he is studying at the university and doing his masters in physics. I was listening to the music and suddenly I got a call, rushed to the phone gently and pick up the call and that call was from my friend that told me about our declaration of our results. After listening to this, I am quite nervous of course, I should be because that is my life’s dream to become an astronaut. My ambition from the small village came true and I was selected for the training in ‘Young Talent Of Astronomical Organization’ As being selected in the training, I was called by the administration to reach the training centre within 2 days after the declaration of the entrance exam. But this was not going to be easy for me as I don’t have enough money to go to the City Innas. My father’s salary was not sufficient to allow me to go to the City Innas where my training will be held. He also knows about my life and being a blind girl my father is not ready to allow me to go attend the training as he fears what if I will face any problem there and no one help me there because the City Innas is the largest city in our country and being there especially alone when I am blind without judging the colours of life make my father insecure about my life and health. I am sure about me but my father doesn’t allow me to attend the training session in Innas and my fight is against my father’s concern about my health and my fight against the society who thinks I should have to prefer home rather go to the city Innas to explore my talent.

My father is in trouble what to do? He is happy now but sync he is upset also about my health and my selection is his dream also but my hapless eyes become my helplessness. It’s raining outside, sunsets and my father returns from his work and my brother rush to his room. My father’s face tells everything, his dreams for me still alive but his happiness shatters because he doesn’t want to lose me as he knows colours in my life disappears already as no one fill these colours except me. My deeds are colours in my life and these are actual colours and no one denies this fact but my father’s presence in my life is both as he is my mother, my mentor, my teacher, my inspiration and how he worked even lost his wife and never look back instead move ahead with two children and make his children able to do anything in life and teach us how to live life without any regret and do whatever you want and make us strong to tussle in life. Then how could be able to permit me to attend the training that is not an easy task? That night my father came to me and sat on the couch where I was pondering in my dreams. He asks to me, “Are you interested to go in the training centre, I know your dream comes true and I am very happy about you but I care for your health and your life and I have no other option to let you go there but that’s your life your dreams are on the verge and I will not stop you to go there. I also know our society will laugh on me but for your life, I don’t care. Some are still castigating on me, don’t know why maybe they want to be in a world of false truth where they don’t want to confront the reality. But the fact is that sometimes we have to face reality without thinking too much on society’s tittle-tattle. You have two days remaining and you have to prepare for your visit to attend the training. I wish and pray for your successful results and also for every girl there who will come there for making their dreams true. After listening to this, Andrea remains quiet and said, “Without you, I have nothing even my eyes are you and your colours have full of joy that resides in my thoughts may every girl have a father like you despite having lots of glitches in life but that father stands like a universe who knows how to protect and give life to others.

“She is an excerpt for everyone and I am proud on her”, said her father to son

“Next day, Andrea hordes his luggage and her father is waiting outside to take her to the railway station and his brother is coming with her to the City Innas”

“What her father told me at the railway station – never give up in life even lots of hurdles, desperation, and stress you will confront with but don’t let your hard work, creativity, your patience, and your determination in the junk. Keep going in life without listening to critics”

Train starts and they are on the way to City Innas….


Next day, they reach there. Andrea is with her brother in a big city as everywhere they are seeing how fast life is irrespective to the village’s life. Her head looks up and her grin manifests everything as she gets everything. Her dreams are coming to be true and her life alters to change the life of others. The dream that will give her the reason to live otherwise life for her has no meaning instead one never chases his / her dreams. However, they are searching for the training centre; don’t know anyone there and almost spending 3 hours they finally reach the centre. Her brother said Andrea that her dreams come true and we reached where your dreams will come true. Andrea’s smile manifests everything how happy she is now and wants to join the training session swiftly.

After entering in the centre, her brother sees a group of students waiting at the corner side and some are walking and excitement for their interview explicitly seen on their faces. Andrea, your journey will start within a few hours. Andrea keyed up…..

One of the students in the group said, “Look to this girl, blind and she is here. I don’t think this will go to be a good interview for her; it’s completely squandered. Andrea’s brother looks to these girls those are sitting at the right side of the corner but doesn’t say anything. The slat is on the wall where the selection process depends based on the interview being taken by the renowned astronauts. Her brother read the selection process for Andrea. From here top five candidates are selected for the training and three are for future studies in astronomy. Her heart beats fast and thinks what if she will be rejected by the selection panel as the main factor is her blind eyes? She knows if this would happen then she will accept it without any regret.

After waiting for 4 hours, Andrea’s name appears on the waiting list on the screen. Her brother goes with her to the interview door and then says, “Sister, don’t give up you can do and believe in yourself, and don’t give up. All the best, I have to leave, they don’t permit anyone to enter with the candidate, so I have to go. After saying this brother leaves for the waiting room and she stands out the door.

“May I come in?” Andrea in a husky voice

“Yes, come in” voice comes from the room. But, she doesn’t know where to go and they know there is someone who is the canopy. Guard outside the door guides Andrea to the panel judges. She sits on the chair and then there is a session of questions and answers.

“One of the member in the panel name ‘Travis’ asks Andrea, “Why do you choose astronaut field?”

“Want to assist people from misery and save their life by building such milieu in the world where every person can live without any constraint thoughts. I want to create such kind of communication system in the world which can brought great lives for people on planet earth and will develop in International Space Station. Yes, this is my dream and I am still chasing it” replies Andrea

“Well, I have no right to ask you this but you know as we all know you are a blind person then how can we trust on you as we will conduct training session within few days and this will not going to be easy for you as it needs correct information and also need correct information about types of equipment but as you are unable to see anything then how could you help others without having any information?” asks Martin (One of the member in the panel)

“Andrea picks up the glasses of the Martin that lies on the table and said I know what this is? – This is a glasses that someone wears for his / her eyes. I know the things based on my experience and the same case goes for training. I can understand the things with my touch and tangible things are not impossible to recognize. I can do and I will, it’s my personal belief and my trust on me”

Margot (Manager Assistant) says, “Well, in training session we will observe you what you will do”

They take the interview and take it to 1 hour more to ask questions on astronomy to Andrea and she gives every answer explicitly and they all there is stunned to see that.

After taken her interview, Andrea leaves the room and then rushes for the waiting room where her brother is waiting. Her brother asks Andrea, “What happen? Are you selected?” Trouble is visible on her brother’s face.

“Yes, they had selected me” replies Andrea. Tears come from her eyes, knows the importance of being the selection for a training session for ISS. Smile on her bother’s face, looking for further assistance for her training session and hope, she will do better.

That day comes and everyone including she is participating in the training where they are training the young aspirants for future astronomy events. Andrea is facing a lot of glitches in training where some aspirants are castigating her about her blindness but she doesn’t give, stood bravely and move ahead without being listening to others. And when the result declares out, the top three candidates are selected where Andrea stands in the top three and her rank is third. After the training session, the top three candidates have to confront with the renowned physicists, cosmologists, astronauts, astronomers, and media persons and give the answers about their journey through this whole event. Everyone gathered in a conference hall where the top three candidates have to deliver their speech. After listening to the first two candidates now the Andrea comes on the stage and starts to deliver her speech despite being a hard and tough journey and being from a small village; she suggests everyone not to give up in life and whatever you want to do in life, target it, select it, frame it, and then chase it these things will make you different and even different than your own identity. She further says, “I know I am blind and the world for me is just like a gloom where I can’t see and observe images, peoples, and the beauty of nature. But, I can feel with my image. I can create my image and intertwined with nature. My view on astronomy is clear and vision to enhance astronomy for our current as well as for our future generation that’s the base is laid by us. And I want to help blind peoples those join the astronomy. ISS (International Space Station) is not for selected countries but everyone and is an open platform for everyone to build their station in space and I see future space stations where each countries support each other and will do betterment for the humanity. Listening to her speech, the audience in the conference hall applauses Andrea for her speech and appreciate her work and her struggle from a small village. She is being received positive feedback from critics and her performance in the training session surely was behind the top two contenders but her vision is explicit and great for the current as well as for the future generation, not only for astronomy but for the entire humanity she mentioned. Everyone there gives her standing ovation. She gets emotional and learns from a life that one has to never give up.

After this event, she applies for higher education in astronomy and in city Innas, her dream is going to be true as she is closer to her goal. She gets a doctorate in astronomy and that day brings for her lots of happiness. She immediately calls her father and says, “Poignant face, doesn’t see anything but tears come out from her eyes to sparkling the blots on her gloom, which everyone castigates. In a hoarse voice, today I am awarded a doctorate” 

Listening to this, her father gets emotional and gives best wishes to Andrea. He says he knows that Andrea will be a successful person one day. And your dream is going to be true now. Your decision when went from your home was right. Thank you, Andrea, for being my daughter, proud of you. Every father needs a daughter like you. I will come to the city Innas as I am very busy with my work but one day I will see you as a professional astronaut. A smile on Andrea’s face and she ends the call with her father.

Works day night, work hard for learning techniques for becoming professional astronauts. Some of her colleagues don’t like her as she is progressing consistently. Her trainer Amy assist her a lot and she stands always with her as no one needs personal assistance but she needs as sometimes her blindness compels her to hire a personal assistant but Amy assists her even in her chores that shows her gratitude and tenderness towards Andrea. One morning, she woke up and Amy suddenly comes in her room where she lives with Amy in the hostel. She switches on the television where she gets news of five astronauts selected for the Mars mission and she is one of them. Still doesn’t believe but her inner voice comes from her soul this is true because of hard work. Amy celebrates with Andrea and says, “You are now an inspiration for everyone and you are the first who has been selected for the planet mission. She thanks Amy for her assistance and moves ahead in mission. She and her crew members waited for this journey for at least 10 years and that morning brings everything to her. She wants her father in the ‘Institute for Future Astronomical Society for the World’. He leaves for city Innas, everyone is happy in her village and appreciate her work even her critics. As her father is on the way, and that day her spaceship has to lift off. Her father comes on this day because he was unable to come a day before her voyage to Mars mission as he was with his cousin, he was ill and he was with him for his assistance. But that day goes bad for her father, the train is late and everyone in the train see him and recognize as he is the father of Andrea; everyone knows this is the historic moment for the world. They listen and see a live event on mobile phones. She waits but feels sad and asks Amy, “Is my father here?” Has he arrived?”

Amy replies, “No, Andrea. Perhaps, he had stuck in the traffic. He is happy for you and always proud of you. Move ahead Andrea”

Spaceship ready for the mission and every crew members ready for the mission and are excited. The countdown starts and finally lifts off and successfully traverses through the earth atmosphere in a few minutes. Her brother cries but sync happily for Andrea. The control panel is watching the spaceship’s moment in the space. Every day, the control panel watching the spaceship’s moment in the space and contact with the crew, and Andrea and crew with her shares image from the space and the whole world sees. Everyone is waiting for their landing on Mars including her father. After 300 days, they reach near the horizons of the Mars that is the atmosphere where they have to build smaller colonies and analyzing the atmosphere including the rocks on the planet Mars. They land successfully and that moment was the historic moment for the entire humanity. Spending one month, underexposure of radiation, low gravity and even the soil there is toxic they successfully take the samples. Andrea assists other crew members to build the mini-colonies for their stay inside these mini-colonies. Even finds the sample of rocks that once collided with the Mars with her experience as she did in her training and that is the evidence for future reference in understanding how earth created and other crews also find some valuable information on planet Mars.

The researchers on planet earth find valuable information what Andrea found on planet Mars. And the day comes; they arrive for the planet earth. Spaceship is on the way and everyone is waiting for their arrival including her father and brother also. But, perhaps, the returning is not good for them as there is a minor problem in the spaceship and the intense exposure of the radiation destroys their spaceship and spaceship explodes and the life becomes legends for everyone and will be an inspiration for everyone. This is sad news for everyone. This tragedy saddens the face of the entire world. Before going to this voyage Andrea gave a diary to Amy and Amy reads after listening to this tragic news and speaks in the press conference, “Andrea gave me her diary. I am sad. I am speechless, crying a lot in front of media, and says what Andrea wrote in her diary. She wrote only two sentences and the entire diary is blank. She cheated me as she told me she wrote her life experience in and yes, she wrote her past life which she lived in her village but after this only two sentences she wrote, and then she reads, ’My life is not mine and I live for others and I am for the world, This city gives me the opportunity and I am grateful to everyone including my father and brother. Don’t stop and remember life goes on and never stops”. Her father didn’t see her last time and feels sad, crying, emotions become extreme even on the verge of his life but life goes on and her brother also accepts this.

Institute for Future Astronomical Society for the World appreciates the work by these crews including Andrea. We will never forget the sacrifice the work of these legends. Now the speech of Andrea’s father. He comes on the stage with tears to show in the eyes, “I only say one thing, she is not for her life but her work and that reflects in her work and she lives for other and her smile inspires me and her determination inspires me and as a father, she is beyond material words. She is an inspiration for everyone. I pray for every crew members and their sacrifices they all are legend. They inspire every astronaut and become an inspiration for the whole world. May they live forever even nature accepts their smiles and determination” Everyone stands in the press media, every astronaut, cosmologists, physicists, mathematicians including her brother, and the whole world stands for their sacrifices and Andrea’s sacrifice to her dream.

Legends never die they just work and their determination is not different but their way to see their work is different than others those see their work will never rise even when they are in a difficult situation. Andrea’s sacrifice is not for her popularity but for those who in future will come in astronomy and want to become an astronaut and they will fearlessly come in astronomy and inspire from these legends and especially Andrea whose colours are not to see the material world but to sacrifice her work to the entire humanity so as the current and the future generation will see the space time with full of colours and passion. Her story will never end.

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